vintage erotica

Blonde Ambition (1981)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1981
Country: USA
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: English
Cast: Dory Devon, Erica Eaton, Erica Havens, Molly Malone, Patricia Dale, Suzie Mandell, Adam DeHaven, David Morris, Eric Edwards, George Payne, Jamie Gillis, Kurt Mann, Richard Bolla, Wade Nichols

Description: Blonde Ambition (1981) is a story about two blondes whom dreaming of career of singers. They wanted to be ? popular and all desired. Girls have left the native city and have gone to submit New York. But there nobody waited for them, except as sexually afflicted men who were ready to bang and carry out them with all lewd desires. Their career also has begun from erotic films. The film Blonde Ambition (1981) is full naked bodies and erotic scenes.