vintage erotica

When a Woman Calls (1975)

Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1975
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Straight, All Sex, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: English
Cast: Bree Anthony, Cheryl White, Helen Madigan, Merie Prince, Peonies Jong, Polly Wilson, Rita Davis, Nancy Dare, Alan Marlow, Bobby Astyr, Jamie Gillis, Levi Richards, Tony Richards

Description: Legendary Jamie Gillis again with such a pleasant company of sexy Nancy Dare and beautiful Linda Lovemore! James never rejects any woman When a Woman Calls. He is called and seduced all the time and this seduction is much stronger than his will. James has got a girlfriend, the couple is totally in love with each other… and the girl loves him though cannot struggle with her feelings born by her inner sexual appetites. She is frequently visit by her hard-fucking mustached master, doesn’t loath orgies, enjoys tricky lesbian games… but still through all these kinds of sexual consolation her heart remains empty. Can Jamie’s character fulfill it with his love and desire when a woman calls for tenderness? The movie is regarded as classic and it exposes all of contemporary popular types of sexual entertainments. Have fun and be sensitive enough watching When a Woman Calls!