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Dirty Mind Of Young Sally (1970)

Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1970
Country: USA
Genre: Comedies, Adult Audience, Erotic, Non-Explicit, Exploitation, vintage erotica
Language: English
Cast: Sharon Kelly, Angela Carnon, Robyn Whitting, Penny Boran, Sandy Dempsey, Margie Lane, Nancy Martin

Description: Ah, what a mischievous girl she is! In the movie Dirty Mind Of Young Sally (1970) we can meet impressive Sharon Kelly (Sassy Sue) with flame-colored splendid head of hair. She is also called Dirty Sally and she has her own private radio-station-on-wheels! Sally emits sexy music and erotic thoughts from the back of a van, in spite of the fact that the police chase her, rushing across the countryside. Comparing notes with the world three times a day, The Dirty Mind of Young Sally is such a sexual arousal to her beholders that the authorities want to silence her.. But of course they should take her first. She is very indecent. The police are trying to overtake her but she contrives to tempt a copper on air, making the chaos, laughs and a lot of trashy fun in this low budget sex romp
In next movie from the limitless B-Movie archives for this double-feature, including: Dirty Mind Of Young Sally (1970) there is another movie for your attention A loser Charlie Elkins isn’t happy with his delightful Teenage Bride and spends his nights with nude neighbour Marie, in which we recognize superb Sassy Sue. This time she succeed to persuade her neighbor to leave his teenage bride Sandy and get it on with her instead! The bride also adds up to trouble, laughs, and some naughty erotic fun!