vintage erotica

Secret Dreams Of Mona Q (1977)

Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1977
Country: USA
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx, Oral, Toys, Group
Language: English
Cast: Sharon Mitchell, Wade Nichols, Jenny Baxter, Bobby Astyr, Juliet Graham, John Black, Monique Cardin, David Savage, Alexandria Cass, Helga Unster, Inga Bjorg, Victoria Corsaut, Ushi Inger, Michael Shea, Swen Kringel, Tom Baker

Description: Marriage means fantasies and fantasies usually concern somebody and something outside the married couple. Mona is a calm and proper young wife, from the first sight but deep inside she would like to be a tiger-like seductress, driven by her irresistible desire. Secret dreams of Mona Q, similar to all the dream-based erotica, is a beautiful installation of the erotic world of fantasy of a young woman, as their bodies crave to be touch by an endless variety of partners. The race and color of skin, gender and age – nothing matters as in Secret dreams of Mona Q she’s gonna love everybody!