vintage erotica

Burning Snow (1983)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1983
Country: Germany
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx, Group, Oral
Language: English
Cast: Olinka Hardiman, Evelyne Lang, Michelle Villers, Olivia Flores, Gabriel Pontello, Anthony Debray, Gerard Gregory, Bernard Cliff

Description: Ski holiday turns into a wild sex trip when a good girl Miss Muriel is thought to be promiscuous seductress Lorna, epic sexual maniac, the empress of lust herself. Muriel and her envious fiance Roland stay in a small hotel and soon the whole town becomes overwhelmed by rumours that lusty Lorna has arrived, the very same slut whose erotic adventures of previous years have become legends. Her inciting striptease is still in memories of pretty Juliette Marie and Dani, that's why they expose Muriel, but pf course they couldn.t but just start a short lesbian action in the sauna. At night they come to visit Hans the sleigh driver, and their conversation gets intimate in a small bar... Everybody ends up in a steamy orgy, burning snow on the slopes.... and finally the real slutty goddess Lorna arrives!