vintage erotica

Cafe Flesh (1982)

Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1982
Country: USA
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: English
Cast: Michelle Bauer, Angel Selby, Becky Savage, Erica Nile, Kim Collier, Marie Sharp, Sue Ravan, Terri Copeland

Description: Cafe Flesh is “X”-rated science fiction movie with promptly moving plot. A nuclear war made most of the population of the planet unable to receive pleasure from sex – poor humans have to put much psychological effort to force themselves to take up intercourse. Those few lucky people who were not deprived of the ability of sexual pleasure are involved into a noble mission – they amuse “sexual negatives” using their in that time special feature. In such way totalitarian governments want to return sexuality to the human beings so that they can reproduce themselves again. Cafe Flesh is a creative project which describes sex as various process and feeling, stirring the viewers’ imagination up.