vintage erotica

Invasion Of The Love Drones (1977)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1977
Country: USA
Genre: Feature, Straight, Sci-Fi, Parody, vintage erotica
Language: English
Cast: Any Mathieu, Bree Anthony, Dusty Evsky, Yolanda Savalas, Jenny Erotica, Joann Dudd, Alexandria Cass, Lorraine Alraune, Jennifer Jordan, Viveca Ash, Alex Mann, Eric Edwards, Levi Richards, Kevin Andre, Richard Wiesberg, Tony Richards

Description: Rod Sterling is a big-cocked horny character of the Invasion of the Love Drones. His spaceship is equiped specially for hot and crowded orgies. A bunch of interstellar hornies called ''OraGasms'' have invaded Earth to absorb its sexual energy which they consume as food! As a result, the whole planet is crowded with zombie sex aves! Invasion of the Love Drones is full of ''rough'' scenes such as a wonderful scene where a female agent is ''droned'' by a muscleman without her being asked and even invaded by several drones!!!