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Josefine Mutzenbacher - Wie Sie Wirklich War - 2 (1979)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1979
Country: Germany
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: German
Cast: Leila Vigso, Sascha Atzenbeck, Marion Brandmaier, Siggi Buchner, Sylvia Engelmann, Karine Gambier, Jane Iwanoff, Dolfi Kauer

Description: Josephine Mutzenbacher - wie sie wircklich war - 2, What was Josephine Mutzenbacher really like - 2, is originally an erotic book, which was banned in German-speaking countries for long. Dating from 1917, it still is believed to be the highest selling erotic literature and has legendary status. Josephine Mutzenbacher - wie sie wircklich war - 2 is the second movie describing a page from the eventful and fascinating life of a beautifull hooker Josephine, who made thousands cum with the sound of her voice! Jozefine's experiences seem unreal though they can turn on anybody - what can you say about sex-scene on the bar counter with a fat barmaid or under-table blowjob or an on-table orgy? that are the things only Josefine can do!