vintage erotica

Heiber Sex Auf Ibiza (1982)

Alternate Titles: L'Amour au soleil / The Dark Side of Sex / Hot Sex in Ibiza / Hot Summer in Ibiza / Ibiza al desnudo / Sesso caldo a Ibiza
Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1982
Country: Switzerland / Spain
Genre: Group, Oral, Interracial, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: German
Cast: Olinka Hardiman, Laura May, Dominique Saint Claire, Linda Ordonez, Alban Ceray, Marianne Aubert, Laurence Eymard, Kitty Hilaire, Roman Huber, Gabriel Pontello

Description: Mr. Oulard is fucks a hitchhiker, at the same time his black mistress entertains the men at disco pick-up, hot Ibiza sun, inciting crave of sex in the visitir's hearts! A villa is breaken into by well-built thugs, who forcefully begin an intercourse with Oulard's wife, friend, daughter and maid. After various sex acts with each other and the rapists, all the women are taken to the yacht. More debauched perversions follow as Captain Finch wakes up. Beautiful Olinka makes the movie even more delightful. That is the way people make heiber sex auf Ibiza!

Sechs Schwedinnen Auf Ibiza (1981)

Alternate Titles: Vacances Sexuelles
Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1981
Country: Sweden
Genre: Group, Oral, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: Original
Cast: Astrid Bone, Dominique Saint Claire, Hare Krane , Laura May, Linda Ordonez, Marianne Aubert, Olinka Hardiman, Eric Falk, Roman Huber, Javier Bolinches, Nicolas Suter, Lucio Rodriguez, Laurence Eymard

Description: Ibiza is an island of fun and relaxation – that’s what the 6 Schwedinnen auf Ibiza, the six cute Sweden girls thought when they arrived to a place. But what are the poor girls going to do when they forget all their money and documents in a sailor’s boat? Don’t give up, Swedens, by the way, fucking the sailor in his cabin is glorifying pleasure! The girls are allowed to stay in a luxurious house at the seaside owned by Hare Krane. How are the 6 Schwedinnen auf Ibiza going to earn money? One of them decided to dance in club. The other’s engage themselves in much more exciting activity… The final bunch punch makes the Ibiza vacation unforgettable!