vintage erotica

Snatched Women (1974)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1974
Country: USA
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx, Feature, Straight, All Sex
Language: English
Cast: Jill Sweete, Dyanne Thorne, Adam Ward, Mindy Wilson

Description: The snatched woman is a passionate blondie, marked for abduction. We see her acting fiercely in the opening scenes, but after the band of kidnappers have brought five ladies instead of one, their boss boils over. The kidnappers make a poker face, explaining that Snatched woman is no comedy at all, that they didn’t know whom they were supposed to kidnap so they took the five chicks so that at least one will be the right one. Such is the logic of the Snatched Women the overall 70s porn. One by one, starting with the only virgin among the five, are rudely violated by the kidnappers, who really don’t care and plan on killing their victims disregarding the ransom demand. Nobody acts, everybody fucks – perfect plot. Some of the women passively obey, the other show a vision of resistance, but finale all of them except one seem to have taken pleasure in the wild rape they undergo. You will probably enjoy the ending, though grim but quite inspiring, and despite the budget is low, brutal aggression is very well exposed here through an outrageously rude sex.