vintage erotica

Molly - Familjeflickan (1978)

Alternate Titles: Sex in Sweden
Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1978
Country: Sweden
Genre: Adult, Group, Big Dick, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Cast: Marie Forsa, Chris Chittell, Eva Axen, Peter Loury, Darby Lloyd Rains, Eric Edwards, Anne Magle, Jack Frank, Andre Chazel, Anita Ericsson, Florence Baltz, Catherine Drusy, Christine Hagen, Sissi Kaiser

Description: Molly arrives at Riviera to visit friends who own a very popular brothel with some interesting guests. Molly is becoming mature sexually and being extraordinary hot seduces charming and horny Peter. Some family confusion takes place - Molly marries Peter's brother, who cannot fuck her on the wedding night, and Peter stands for him in Mollie’s bed. Explicit and natural sex, nothing artificial and simulated. Beautiful girls and handsome men.