vintage erotica

Dossiers - nymphomanes en ruts (1983)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1983
Country: France
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: French
Cast: Andre Kay, Jacky Arnal, Christine Coireau, Patrick Rack, Sylvie Door, Sylvain Nadar, Francoise Comte, Diane Suresne, Carole Pierac

Description: Two inspectors come to investigate at a villa after the death of a man who lived alone with three women. Strange death because the man was in full health. They discover that the 3 ladies are real nymphomaniacs and realize that the victim died of pleasure. Our two policemen decide to stay...

House of 1001 Pleasures (1984)

Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1984
Country: France
Genre: anal, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: English
Cast: Olinka Hardiman, Dominique Saint Claire, Andre Kay, Gabriel Pontello, Marianne Aubert, Laura Clair, Jacky Arnal, Alban Ceray, John Oury, Diane Suresne

Description: This is Olinka's best film, and among the best of all French adult movies. Some misfortune results in Olinka working in a fancy French brothel. When she falls in love with a customer, she plans her escape. That's the plot, what there is of it, but what make this a great hardcore film are the little touches. The tone is fun, but when the denizens of the brothel throw an all-out orgy it is perversion central...

The Porno Race (1985)

Alternate Titles: Marathon Love / Marilyn - European Sex Games / Les Stoppeuses ne portent pas de culottes / VM i samlag / VM i sex / World Sex Festival / El campeonato
Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1985
Country: Germany
Genre: Interracial, Big Dick, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: German
Cast: Catherine Ringer, Cathy Stewart, Christina Anders, Diane Suresne, Dominique Saint Claire, Jennifer Haussmann, Marie-Christine Chireix, Nathalie Ivozevitch, Olinka Hardiman, Tina Veneto

Description: En vacker, dansande programledare syns pa en TV-skarm och talar i en mikrofon. Programledaren anordnar en internationell karlekskarusell i nattklubbsliknande omgivningar i guld och purpur, dar fem par inbjuds till tavlingen. Juryn bestar aven den av fem par. De tavlande far snart sallskap av juryn i denna pittoreska langdans. Nar det blir dags att utse vinnaren blir det stort slagsmal. Som tur ar hors Guds rost plotsligt fran taket. Han pekar ut program-ledaren och en svart kavaljer som vinnarna.

La Rancon d'Eva (1985)

Alternate Titles: Pay Up / The Ransom for Eva
Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1985
Country: France
Genre: All Sex, Anal, Oral, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: French
Cast: Christophe Clark, Karine Hornel, Dominique Saint Claire, Jacky Jack, Gerard Luig, Mina Houghe, Gabriel Pontello, Peter Renald, Diane Suresne, Victor Vallet

Description: La rancon d’Eva shows a fascinating story of a young and wealthy housewife, kidnapped by unknown in the center of Paris. She is hidden in some secret place. A significant amount is demanded. Dynamic, sexual abuse, engrossing sodomy, fellatios, gang-bang... Money, suspense, horny dominating girls, radical fucking scenes without any moral limitations in La rancon d’Eva!