vintage erotica

The Defiance of Good (1975)

Quality: TVRip
Year: 1975
Country: USA
Genre: All sex, Rape, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: English
Cast: Jean Jennings, Fred J. Lincoln, Day Jason, Carole Holland, Roderick Usher, Heather Ellis, David Harrison, Kevin Andre, Turk Turpin, Dulce Mann, Frank Baker, Tony Marcus, Marc Stevens, Tyrone Lowe, Barry Clarke

Description: Cathy has been recommended to try drugs by a friend who leads a denounced way of life. Caught with drugs by her mother, who is a religious fan, Cathy is sent to the clinic and goes under psychiatric observation - who knew what will come out of it? Innocent Cathy, sent to the clinic for the Defiance of Good found herself in a terrible, ghastly institution, where she is raped and sexually abused all the time, and, being so modest and pure, almost loses her mental sanity. One of the doctors seems to be very helpful to take her out of the place but where she goes further might be even more filthy and cruel… The Defiance of Good depicts sadism and abuse, though, as it usually happens the victims finally starts enjoying being a slave…