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Playgirls Of Munich (1977)

Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1977
Country: USA
Genre: Adult, Comedy, vintage erotica, classic xxx, Group
Language: English
Cast: Anita Hoch, Brigitte Danziger, Christa Abel, Eva Von Furstenberg, Ginny Noack, Ilsa Hofherr, Sigrun Theil, Kristin Holz, Liselotte Graber, Marlene Speer, Martha Zeller, Sylvia Renard, Helmut Kraus, Roger Caine, Werner Freitag, Wolfgang Mueller, Zebedy Colt

Description: Playgirls of Munich (1977) is a movie about two perplexed American telephone repairmen (Zebedy Colt and Roger Caine). They penetrate through the plane and turn out to be parachuting out over Munich, Germany during the Olympics. Penniless and preoccupied with sex the gyus were met by a delightful young fraulein who gets them a job. In the Playgirls of Munich (1977) clumsy jesters go from job to job - and girl to girl - in an efford to make enough cash to return to the States. But let’s consider-they have food (tasty pork sausages) and sex with hot German girls. who'd want to go back? In fact Playgirls of Munich (1977) is shot on location in Munich and makes you a lot of pleasure.

Peter Steiner in Pornostadl (1979)

Quality: VHSRip
Year: 1979
Country: Germany
Genre: Group, Oral, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: German
Cast: Peter Steiner, Christa Abel, Dorle Buchner, Margitta Hofer, Marion Brandmeier, Mario Pollak, Siggi Buchner

Description: Peter Steiner in Pornostadt starts with a story of a farmer who has four sweet teen daughters, two of which are still virginal. Unfortunatelly the farmer doesn't have a male successor. The daughters Paula and Petra often arrange with their friends hot sex orgies in which no pussy stays dry. Two other sisters suddenly meet two young men in the guest house and the four end up in a hot truely German fuckscene..