vintage erotica

Etreintes a la Prison de Femmes (1989)

Alternate Titles: Lil' Women 9 - Go To Jail! / Le Strane umiliazioni di un carcere femminile / Wet Pets In Prison
Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1989
Country: France
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: French
Cast: Nadia Aubrun, Sabrina Darmon, Valerie Karine, Charlotte Stephie, Agnes Thierry, Lydia Vitam

Description: Marie Noelly, a hooker, is in love with her lesbian pimp Valerie Kerine. Their love could be hindered by nothing but Marie being sent to prison. Poor girl just wanted to gratify her girlfriend, however she got into prison and involved into naughty lesbian activity. Valerie, willing to buy out her lover, finds herself in a ward with two brunette lesbians and is soon enrapturated by bitchy girls’ games. Etreintes a la Prison de Femmes (1989) performs cruel brunettes and innocent blondes desiring to take the more pleasure from each other as they can.