vintage erotica

Neon Nights (1981)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1981
Country: USA
Genre: Anal, Double Penetration, vintage erotica, classic xxx
Language: English
Cast: Arcadia Lake, Jody Maxwell, Kandi Barbour, Linda Vale, Lysa Thatcher, Veronica Hart, Ashley Moore, Eric Edwards, Jack Teague, Jamie Gillis, Roy Stuart, Cecil Howard

Description: Neon Nights is a movie not to be forgotten. Cecil Howard stars as an unusual troubled girl, obsessed with wild fantasies and uncontrolled visions. Every night they become clearer and there is more erotic in them. Her sensual storytelling of Neon Nights reaches its carnal top with a breathtaking unlimited orgy with special effects including flashlights, billowing smoke, and blissful faces that emerge in this volatile celluloid bacchanal in which Sandy becomes ravished not once. There has never before been a movie with such visualisations as Neon Nights.