vintage erotica

Succulent (1984)

Quality: DVDRip
Year: 1984
Country: USA
Genre: vintage erotica, classic xxx, Feature, Straight
Language: English
Cast: Ron Jeremy, Little Oral Annie, Rhonda Jo Petty, Jerry Butler, George Payne, Kelly Nichols, Michael Gaunt, Richard Bolla, Chelsea Blake, Annette Heinz, Tanya Lawson, Marissa Monteil, Jose Duvall

Description: The classic Succulent, proposing a cast of best-talented and most seductive stars, depicts a power of male dominance. It visualizes several erotic fantasies. First, Jennifer (Kelly Nichols) would like to become a slave of an Arab sheik (Ron Jeremy) to satisfy him in a harem. Instead of the sheik she is arrested for speeding, and violated (it was her own idea though) by the cops – what could policemen do if she wears a miniskirt and frequently reveals her underwear! A policewoman (Rhonda Jo Petty) provides a full body cavity search, interested especially in all of Jennifer's holes. Of course, a g\g scene. A Judge receives a blow job from Jennifer and Jerry Butler plays a very rude cop who fills her anal hole. Jennifer arrives at the prison hospital, where the temperature is taken in her anus and the rude policeman demands his equipment to be cleaned by guess what? Jennifer’s mouth. Finally, her sheik dreams come back, in this case succulent Jennifer is sold to the sheik by cops. As she wakes up she realizes it was all a dream! Vince Benedetti did a great job.